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Referee Information and Certification


Minnesota State Referee Committee(SRC)

The Minnesota State Referee Committee (SRC) is responsible for certifying and re-certifying referees and referee assignors in Minnesota, and for the development of instructors and assessors in Minnesota. A portion of the registration fee paid by each referee is used by the Minnesota SRC to recruit, retain and develop referees, instructors and assessors.

The main communication vehicle used by the Minnesota SRC is its website: This website lists instructions on how referees and referee assignors can become certified (or re-certified) and provides many valuable resources for referees, referee assignors, referee instructors and referee assessors.



Affinity Sports System Instructions for 2017

Referees and referee candidates...

This week we finally received finalized protocols and answers to all of our questions on how referees are to use the Affinity Sports system for MYSA team check-in and game reporting. The SRC has built a 28-minute presentation that hopefully comprehensively covers most situations, protocols, and provides alternative solutions should referees encounter any problems with the system to ensure games get played. Everything in this presentation has been reviewed by MYSA and approved:

2017 MYSA Affinity Sports Team Check-in Procedures and Game Reporting

If you plan to work any MYSA games in 2017, you MUST watch this presentation. We cannot mandate it through the entry training or the required re-certification protocol because we did not receive it until this week. However, if you don't understand how Affinity works, you will likely be considered unreliable by your assignor and be less likely to get MYSA games this summer. This is on YOU to take care of!

Here are some of the key points in the presentation...

  • Instructions on how referees should access their Affinity accounts are provided in the presentation.
  • Referees SHOULD NEVER log in to their personal Affinity account on somebody else's device. This could lead to security breaches that give other people access to the referee's personal contact information. If conducting digital check-in at the game site, the referee should be using their own device.
  • Back-up policies are in place to all referees to conduct a "pre" check-in using the team account of a team rep on a team rep's device, or a printed roster that all teams are expected to carry with them. Formal digital check-in would be conducted at home after the match in each of these scenarios. This prevents a mandate that all referees must have a personal Internet-connected device with them at the field, an expense that would be difficult to enforce.
  • The focus should be on PLAYING THE GAME. Referees may use alternative check-in procedures and then perform digital check-in at home after the game. Any deviations from the preferred on-site digital check-in should be reported so MYSA can audit the game rosters. Referees should not abandon matches due to roster issues.
  • Unlike past years' No Pass, No Play policy, the focus for officials is to ensure they report any discrepancies on players who participate without a pass to MYSA. Any penalties or punishments for using ineligible players will be administered by MYSA after investigation and confirmation of the use of ineligible players or coaches. Referees should simply notify coaches from both teams that a discrepancy exists and will be reported. At least one adult with a digital pass (the adult can show the pass on their own device) must still be present.

2016-17 Referee Pay Scale


  Centers A/Rs
U11 & U12 $32 $25
U13 & U14 $37 $30
U15 & U16 $45 $35
U 17 & U 18 $65 $50
U19 $65 $50


Helen Williams

Winona Referee Director and Scheduler

Phone: 507-450-5407